Family farm

Family farm MARKO PEJIĆ is specialized in producing and selling vermicompost (biohumus, worm compost).

It was founded in 2013 by Marko Pejić and Stjepan Martić.

Things they both have in common are their love for nature and organic production so they decided to join forces and, using all their knowledge and previous experience, run a family farm, driven primarily by the idea of an unbreakable bond between the human and the nature which is nowadays, because of the interference of modern industry, more unstable than ever before.

By running this family farm, their goal is not only to contribute to organic farming, but also to spread the awareness of its importance.

Production process

Family farm MARKO PEJIĆ is located in Kupinec (Croatia). Our production process is open for public and everyone is welcome to visit our family farm.

Please, announce your arrival via e-mail or a phone call.

Our production capacities amount to approximately 300-500 m3 of vermicompost annually.