What is it?

Vermicompost (biohumus, worm compost) is compost obtained from manure (usually cow or horse) with the help of worms.

Below are some of the most important reasons for its widespread use.

  • Vermicompost is high-quality NATURAL and ORGANIC FERTILIZER
  • It contains a high concentration of microorganisms, which are a product of digestive tract of Californian worms and which help to create healthy soil, thus providing the best conditions for the growth and development of completely healthy plants and crops
  • It contains 5 times more nitrogen, 7 times more phosphorus, 5 times more potassium and 2 times more calcium than manure and it is considered that 1 m3 of vermicompost replaces 3-5 m3 of manure
  • It improves soil structure and reduces the possibility of its compression
  • The only way to restore fertility on a field exploited with chemical fertilizers is with the use of vermicompost; a field that is no longer good for agriculture can be productive again thanks to the use of biohumus
  • It improves the development of plant roots, making it stronger and tougher, which directly increases the number of crops by 15 to 60%
  • Vermicompost (which is pH neutral – about 7) reduces soil acidity, thus creating the conditions for normal plant growth
  • It is the natural eliminator of pathogenes and other harmful parasites, as well as fungal and bacterial plant diseases
  • Plants treated with vermicompost resist drought, cold and moisture easier
  • Whether it is used for growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, olives, wine, lawn or in horticulture, it shows amazing results
  • It is the healthiest basis for the production of healthy, high-quality organic food
  • Fruits and vegetables treated with vermicompost are bigger in size, better in taste, richer in vitamins and intense in colour
  • It is completely natural and odourless and therefore it can be used without any protective equipment
  • It can be used in any quantity without the risk of damaging plants

Recommended use

Regardless of the method and time of its application, the plant aquires useful ingredients from vermicompost, which directly affects the intensification of crops. If used in the sowing stage, it allows significantly faster and uniform growth of all cultures. Also, thanks to it the fruits ripen earlier, look nicer and have better quality. And finally, thanks to its prolonged effect on the soil, it is considered to be an investment for the coming years.

Vermicompost is used in two ways.

1. It can be put directly in the ground, at the root of a plant.

2. It can be made into a solution which is used for watering plants or spraying their leaves by dissolving 1 liter of vermicompost in 10 liters of water and allowing it to stand overnight, after which it is ready to use.